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Treatment for Hair Loss in Homeopathy to Treat Alopecia

Treatment for Hair Loss in Homeopathy to Treat Alopecia

Alopecia refers to a pathological thinning of in particular the head hair or beard. It may also involve Hairlessness in other body areas. There are various forms of alopecia, popularly called hair loss, which can affect every person in principle. The diffuse hair loss (diffuse alopecia, telogenes effluvium), a visible clearing of scalp hair, can be affected especially older people, men and women. Androgenetic alopecia, a considered hereditary due to clearing of hair mainly at the man and male adolescents, is caused by a surplus of androgenic (male) hormones in the blood, hair growth entail a decline. Androgenetic alopecia mostly occurs at the forehead and temples, was known as Receding hairline. Women are affected by the problem mainly during menopause, when their estrogen levels fall. Conditionally drops due to hormone changes during this period the production of female hormones, it can develop a predisposition to hair loss.
The most common form of hair loss is the so-called circular hair loss, the Pelade (alopecia circumscripta, alopecia areata, celsis Areata). This form of hair loss can occur at any age, men and women can be affected and even children. The exact causes are unclear; the Pelade can be due to hereditary. Studies suggest that it is an autoimmune disease. In addition to errors of the body's immune system, malfunctioning thyroid, anemia (anemia) or a Lupus as a trigger of Pelade are suspected. Some fungal infection can lead to hair loss and in extreme cases leave scars.

Alopecia and its symptoms

Most frequent symptom of hair loss is a visible clearing of scalp hair. This is the case, in which the hair follicles gradually recede in androgenetic alopecia. Pelade is the condition where the hair will falling out suddenly and relapsing patches shaped in a relatively short time and you became bald. People, who fall ill with a Pelade, show also frequently changes the finger nails with grooves or dimples.

The different manifestations

In addition to her hair, especially men lose sometimes their libido. You can counteract this with homeopathic remedies. The homeopathic response to the loss of manhood in simultaneous clearing of scalp hair is selenium metallicum. The Pelade is a form of hair loss, in which the hair in the follicle is disturbed, so that the hair is brittle and fragile and eventually breaks off at the root. You should treat this form of alopecia with Fluoricum acidum. Phosphorus is used only when it has very quickly spreads out of the hair loss. Barium carbonica is displayed, if the Pelade (alopecia totalis) moves to a premature balding. Despite hair loss can cause an excessive activity of the sebaceous glands, and the remaining hair is greasy. Excessive production is noticed of sebum in the course of the disease; Bryonia Alba is the ideal homeopathic remedies. Also, Thuja occidentalis is suitable for treating hair loss with Seborrhea, but only if the person concerned loses also the lying close to the temple hairs of the outer eyebrow is advisable. The Arsenicum album is recommended if the hair loss on a relatively lengthy and particularly serious disease. The trigger is an infection or inflammatory disease, homeopathic treatment with silicea should be given preference. Alopecia on disorders of the digestive system can be traced back; Lycopodium clavatum is prescribed the patient.

Alopecia and its causes
In women who have newly released or achieved the time of breastfeeding off, the hair can be suddenly sparse. This is usually a temporary phenomenon. To stop the hair loss, the homeopathy offers sepia officinalis. Alopecia can be followed a time of physical weakness; sometimes the person concerned finds that his hair will be partially or completely white. In some cases, the hairs are not white. A traumatic event may be preceded by such sudden falling out of your hair. Causes may be various streƟ-inducing situations, such as grief, separation or loss of job. Who is in such a case, should access muriaticum montana or sodium to arnica, as a reaction Elle alopecia is usually only months after the triggering event or events. Thus, this homeopathic formulation is both preventive as curative.

The most Alopecia forms can be thallium sulfuricum. During the treatment you can take 3 daily globules in the potencies of C4, C7 or C9. Before using other homeopathic remedies, the source must be explored first to find the real cause. Eberthinum C15 is most commonly prescribed. The attending homeopath can prescribe B C15 also Paratyphoidinium, taken within the framework of a two-month course in every weekly schedule. Phosphoricum acidum C15 is only recommended if the alopecia on a patient's general due to fatigue condition. The dose in this case is 5 globules every day. Selenium metallicum C9 in the same dose helps, if the patient shows signs of physical strain.

When to see a doctor?

Before access to homeopathic medicines, a doctor should be consulted in principle only. Sudden hair loss in volumes with the combing, brushing or washing the hair should be used always as promptly by a physician on the ground.

Associated remedy and indications - "Alopecia"

Associated remedy

1.       Eberthinum
2.       Parathyphoidinum
3.       Acidum Phosphoricum
4.       Selenium metallicum
5.       Thallium metallicum


1.       Asthenia, weakness, feebleness
2.       Pregnancy

Good to know: Aloe vera has proven for hair loss. However, must be careful when applying, because Aloe vera is known for its effect on believe off parasites, can cause the termination of a pregnancy and cause diarrhea.